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Welcome to Cullens Chain

Conveyor Chain & Sprocket for Palm Oil Mill Industries

We supply any of custom made chain for Conveyor with high quality. All work for modern materials handling conveyor system.

Let us know the performance, Specification you request, Then you designed chain can be manufactured to meet your satisfaction.

We try our best to fullfil your needs.


1. Stronger Bush

    Bush performance has been increased 30% compare to competitor’s chains

2. Tougher Link Plates

    Precise alloy steel fabrication and expertly-controlled heat treatment ensure

    greater shock load during severe application

3. Stronger Pin

    Competitor’s cotter T-Pin have soft portions around the T-Pin head due to

    decarburization, effectly reducing the strength of the entire chain. CULLENS

    cotter pin have stable surface hardness from the head to the tail end

4. Easy Maintenance

    Cutting & joining is easier, especially when removing just a few links and

    rejoining when chain is streched over.

5. Options Available For Heavy Duty

    Heavy duty inclined conveyor usually need more load break force, our

    support is from 4” (inch) – 8” (inch) size.