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About Us

Welcome to Cullens Chain

Sinar Bintang Jaya Makmur (SBJM) proudly presenting the product conveyor chain CULLENS with high quality brand, as well as the creation of maximum product delivery conveyor chain with high specifications for the factory palm oil mill, and all areas related to the conveyor chain.

By british standard or ANSI, we introduce the product conveyor chain and transmission of the best product, With the experiences and flying hours in operational of Palm Oil Mill Factory –CULLENS – are offering you safety and comfort in full supporting your Palm Oil Mill  activities with luxury services and products

CULLENS conveyor chain material specification is designed with the latest technology and fully tested material composition that proven has increased the strength and power of the Chains CULLENS produces with proven material in handling the wear and corrosion as well as elongation that often occur in conveyor chain system.

SBJM in CULLENS conveyor chain will keep all maximum consistency and confidence in the quality control – starting from the early stages of the process, ranging from testing and providing the maintenance reports in gaining the trust of Our Customers. 

With the appearance of CULLENS Conveyor Chain, SBJM is committed to maintaining with high satisfaction of every customer. International Certificate as well as the support of all aspects and results of research & technological development will continue to optimize CULLENS Conveyor chain.

CULLENS system conveyor chain quality will be through maximum after sales service in honesty reporting the result of every customer palm oil mill. And will make CULLENS Conveyor chain to be the best in overwhelming satisfaction & extraordinary services.

We supply any of custom made chain for Conveyor with high quality. All work for modern materials handling conveyor system.

Let us know the performance, Specification you request, Then your designed chain can be manufactured to meet your satisfaction.

We try our best to fullfil your needs.